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Boundary & Barrier - New Video Rambling.......

Amongst the 45 video classes in The Auditoria Classroom, you will now find a new video on Boundary & Barrier.

Do you know the difference between the two? Do you know when you are setting a boundary or a barrier?

Most people are actually creating barriers, when they think they are creating boundaries. In this video I talk about the difference, why it is important to know which you are setting, and share a helpful tool that you can use to help build "container' and set boundary.

For those that are not subscribed to The Auditoria Tier, you can do so for $10 a month in the Member/Payment Plan area of my website or through Patreon. You will get access to at least one new video each month and the entire video archive, which now contains 45 videos on the subjects of herbal medicine, flower essence work. energy healing, metaphysical studies, and so much. more - instructional, educational talks, and some experiential processes to help you dive deep into your own healing path.

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