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Beach Hair for Summer

Anyone knows that ocean swimming gives this uncanny marvelous spring to curly hair. It even can bring curls to hair that is not super kinky curly. I don't get that many opportunities to swim in the ocean, mostly because I have a thing about open and deep water, with little creatures moving about that I can't really see. That is another story for another time........But I absolutely LOVE how my naturally curly hair looks after being kissed by the ocean. Each curl springs a bit more, is individually defined, and stays that way until I wash out the ocean.

Years ago I created a formulation to give hair that ocean kissed finesse. I will say that it's no substitute for that amazing big ocean energy, but for the sake of hair, it works pretty well. It also contains some oils and herbal infusions to help protect hair from drying out. I have made many versions of this over time and still use it to this day. And a little hint, the herbal infusions do make it much more lovely......but they aren't necessary. The water, salt, and oils are enough to bring on the beach hair.

Rosewater - 1 part

Muskmallow leaf and flower infusion - 1 part (you can use a marshmallow root decoction here too or marshmallow leaf)

Tremella Serum - 1 tsp per 1 cup of liquid (now this one you can just skip unless you know how to make tremella serum. tremella is also known as snow mushroom.....and not the easiest thing to come by. I used to make my own by doing a water infusion like I would a syrup, and simmering it down until I had maybe 1/4 of what I started with and it was very thick. I would add in some lavender EO, just a bit, to help preserve it)

Oils - 1 Tablespoon of each per cup of water/herb infusion of Argan, Jojoba

Salt - 1 T of each per cup of water/herb infusion of Celtic Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and Magnesium Flakes (this is amazing and provides an oily feel to the water)

The processes is you infuse your herbs, let simmer or sit as you would a tea. Strain.....add in your salt while it is still warm so it dissolves. Then add in your oils. Put in a spray bottle when its cool.

To use, spray onto damp clean hair, and scrunch and let dry. It also serves as a sort of setting spray once the hair is dry.

Some variations

For the herbal infusion: Horsetail, marshmallow root, orange peel

Use orange blossom water instead of rose water.

If you want to add in essential oils, I recommend sweet orange, cardamom, frankincense, or lavender. These are not needed, but can make a nice addition. Use sparingly.....1 to 3 drops per cup of final product.

Store in a cool place and keep the spray part of the sprayer may eventually get clogged up with salt.

These spray bottles are great!

Happy Creating!

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