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A Peek at the Body Map

I often mention The Body Map, as a point of reference for my work. People immediately ask for. more information on the mysterious Body Map.

The Body Map I refer to is a compilation of corresponding physical areas of the body that relate to aspects of self, which are often along the lines of emotions, in particular emotional wounding. Now this isn't to that that we are only looking at the negative here and only negative things have body correspondences. However, most people come to me for support when something is causing them pain or discomfort in the physical body, so we are looking at things in relation to those issues, to open to further explorations.

The Body Map is something I have referred to for the past 24 years. It has evolved over time with different modalities filling in different spaces. It is a symphony of the works of Presence in Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and some of Louise Hay's work. The Body's Map is a best guess that appears to be true. It has commonalities across many of the modalities of the holistic healing arts.

I am going to include just a few of the most common "body map" correlations here. For more in depth information on this, I would encourage you to connect about my private practice work or to look into the 2 Uncommon Witches Mentorship Program.

The front of the body relates to "that which we are aware of"

The back of the body relates to things that we may not be consciously aware of. It may also indicate things that are further back in the timelines of our lives - patterns that are more deeply ingrained in our fabric.

The left side of the body is the side that relates to female energy or our more feminine aspects. The right side of the body is about male energy.

The lungs are about grief.

The liver is about anger - it is also about life purpose.

The kidneys are about receiving.

The bones are about presence. (Want a quick way to presences? Go to your bones.)

The knees are usually indicating some aspect of abandonment either around self or other.

A word of caution with using body maps. It is all too common that we try and make a one to one direct correlation when we have something like a body map. We will say, OH I hurt my knee, I must have been feeling abandoned.......oh yes! Yes I was feeling abandonened. And we wrap it up in a neat little package and it ends there. This really falls short and denies us the experiences of going further into depth.

I share this little peek of the Body Map as it may be helpful information as you explore the idea of patterns. But remember, it is not an end all. It is a tool that may help you to gather further information about your own unique (or your client's) things that make up your own unique self.

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