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10 Minute Alchemy Courses

I am always dreaming up new and creative ways to put the power of working in connection with plants into the hands and lives of people. Many times I feel I have a brilliant idea that just can't be passed up, only to see it fizzle out rather quickly. People are busy, overwhelmed, and money is getting tighter for everyone.

So I thought. And I thought. And I thought a bit more.............until a brilliant idea came to me......10 Minute Alchemy Courses!

My feeling is even the busiest of us can set aside 10 minutes to learn something new. And yes, it is absolutely possible to teach each of the fundamental skills of plant medicine making in a 10 minute course. Of course, it does take more than 10 minutes to create the medicine, but once the foundational skills are learned, the rest is easy.

So I sat down and I created 6 courses teaching basic plant medicine making skills. Each class includes a 10 minute instructional video, a robust pdf for students to download and keep forever. I include bonus materials in each course too - a hefty resource guide, a special collectible recipe, and a review quiz. There will even be a certificate granted upon completion of the course.

Sounds fabulous, right? I think so.

And......get ready for this.........what makes it even more fabulous is each course will be priced at just $10.

$10 and 10 minutes to learn something that you will support you for the rest of your life. Who wouldn't jump at that?!

I plan to launch these classes in June and will announce the subject matter for each beforehand.

I am incredibly excited to share these courses with the world and hope they are well received.

Stay tuned for more soon..........

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