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$100-$150/month for 6 months

A Consultationship is similar to a Partnership with the difference being that it does not include direct session work.   A Consultationship is a long term commitment between client and practitioner working together towards greater wellness and well being.  A Consultationship provides the time and space to go into greater depth and foster greater change over the course of 6 months.

What is a Consultationship? 

A Consultationship is a way for clients to work closely with Jennifer over an extended period of time.  It includes monthly Zoom conversations in which the client shares information about their current states and Jennifer supports through reflection, mirroring, and recommendations.

What does a Consultationship include?

Consultationships will have a different focus from person to person, but will consist of: ​

  • One 60 minute Zoom video call each month with mirroring and feedback.  

  • Post Call Summary Report with recommendations, suggestions, and invitations.  

  • Additional support (if needed)

  • Additional gifts (IE notebooks, tarot readings, invitations​​, etc.  

  • Consult-Clients will have access to Jennifer's personal cell number and may text or email through the Signal ap at anytime during the contract period with questions or issues that may arise.  Of course, this is all expected to be within reason.

  • Access to exclusive website content which includes an educational blog and two video classrooms. 

How long is a Consultationship? 

A Consultationship is 6 months in length. ​

What is the cost of a Consultationship?

Consultationships are offered on a sliding scale of $100 to $150 a month. Payments are made at the time of the monthly consult.

Do you offer financial support or reduced fees?

Consultationships are offered on a sliding scale.  You get to choose your cost within that range.  Sage Moon is in the process of working on building scholarship funding and Sponsorship Program to help with the cost of obtaining care. You can learn more about Connected Support  here.  

What is the difference between an individual Reflective Consultation and a Consultationship?

A Consultation is just one consult. It will include a one hour video chat along with feedback and recommendations.

A Consultationship includes a greater commitment for both client and practitioner, therefore brings more involvement for both. Throughout the contract period, the client's case is followed and patterns emerge, which brings information and clarity to each unique wellness journey.  Suggestions can be monitored throughout the contract period, so we can better learn which suggestions work and which do not.  

Are there any requirements needed to begin a Consultationship?

  • Clients must be referred by another Partner Client, practitioner, or mutual acquaintance.  ​

  • A 30 minute interview via Zoom is recommended.  This gives us both the opportunity to see if we are a good fit for one another, and also provides the space to ask questions and learn more about me and what I offer. 

  • Clients will be asked to download the Signal Ap.  This is an encrypted texting ap that will give us the ability to communicate via text and phone. 

Is there a contract?

Yes.  There is a 6 month contract that you will be required to sign at the beginning of the Consultationship.  This solidifies our commitment to work together throughout the time period of the contract.  Once you sign the contract, we are in commitment together. 

If I cancel my Consultationship before the contract period ends, am I still responsible for the full cost?

If you cancel your contract prior to it’s end date, you will be charged a $200 cancellation fee. 

Are sessions or consults offered in person?

Consultations are always done distantly.  

How do I sign up for a Consultationship?

If you are interested in a Cosultationship please connect by sending an email to or through the contact form on this website.

Jennifer limits the number of Consultationships that she offers at any given time.  this allows her to give the best focus and care to those that she works with. If there are no current openings, you may request to be added to a wait list for when a space becomes available.  ​​

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