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Barefoot Mentor Sessions

$75 / 1 hour engagement

Barefoot Mentor Sessions are set time periods for health and wellness professionals to receive personalized mentorship type guidance.  This is a time and space to obtain wisdom directly from  Jennifer for the development and furthering of your professional practice.  The environment is kept casual, so that mentees can bring what it is that they would like to learn to the table and draw on wisdom from the realms of herbalism, flower essence therapy, and intuitive energetic beingwork.  What this looks like will be different for everyone.   For some, it might be a detailed walk through Lyme education.  For others, it might be bringing case studies to gain insight from another perspective.  And for some it may be skill building, such as 'how to work with a pendulum' or 'how to work with the heart's body map' or even 'what herbs would you recommend for .......'.

This is an informal mentorship opportunity that is more personal and one on one than the Barefoot Academia classes are alone.   This is a space to get personalized mentoring on bringing together modalities of the holistic arts into a more smoothly working symphony with expanded perspective.  

This is NOT a space for consultations pertaining to your personal health and wellness matters  Please inquire about scheduling a Reflective Consultation or a Flower Essence Consultation for this kind of support.  This is also NOT a space for formal training in herbalism, flower essence therapy, or energetic medicine. For formal training, please seek out professionals that offer training programs.  

Sessions will take place, one on one, via zoom and are one hour in length.

The cost is currently $75 and is due before or at the time of the session.

In order to participate in Barefoot Mentor Sessions, you must be actively enrolled in the Barefoot Academia of Eclectic Alchemy.  You must also be a health and wellness professional with an active or developing client practice.  At this time there is no contractual time commitment for Mentor Sessions (IE it is not required that you sign up for 3 or 6 months).  This may change in the future.  

At this time, Jennifer has space for a total of 4 Mentor Sessions each month.

To be considered for Barefoot Mentor Sessions, please reach out via email to sharing about your professional practice, what it is you would like to develop, and why you feel Jennifer is the mentor to support your development. 

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