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Center for Eclectic Alchemy

Sage Moon LLC, Center for Eclectic Alchemy, is currently in the process of creating a formal apprenticeship program.  This page was created to give a little peek inside the process and to gauge interest for folks that may be considering a formal apprenticeship with Sage Moon LLC.  

What is the apprenticeship program?

The Center for Eclectic Alchemy apprenticeship program is intended to be a program that provides education and training in Eclectic Alchemy.  This includes herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, and intuitive energetic bodywork and the blending of these modalities in the unique Eclectic Alchemy style. .  It will operate in a hybrid fashion that utilizes both in person experiences and virtual online experiences

Who is the apprenticeship program for?

The Apprenticeship program is for individuals who want training and education in Eclectic Alchemy to enhance their lives, to enhance their existing private practice, or to serve as the foundation for a future practice.

Potential apprentices should have some education and experience in one or more of the modalities that make up Eclectic Alchemy:  energy work (reiki, Presence in Healing, etc.), flower essence therapy, herbal medicine. 

How will the program flow?

This is something that is still in the creation and design process.  

The current plan is for apprenticeship meetings to be twice a month, once in person and once online.  Meeting twice monthly provides a continual flow of learning and new materials, and time to process it.  

Of course, this base structure may change during the designing process.  In person learning will also be limited to seasonal meetings, which are planned to happen outdoors.

How long is the program and how much will it cost?

The program is still in the creation and design process.  

The current idea is that the program will cost between $300-$400 a month.  There will be likely be additional material fees or recommended purchases, such as books and other materials,  along the way.  

The length of the program has yet to be determined. It is likely to be offered in 6 month contractual blocks.

Will apprentices receive any sort of certification upon completion of the program?

This is something that is yet to be decided.  Apprentices, upon completion, of the program (or each chapter segment) may receive certificates of completion, to show as a sign for the  hours and programs they have successfully completed.  

Please be aware that any certificates only hold value to show completion of the program/hours and holds no weight other than that.  

There is no governing body of Eclectic Alchemy and any certificates will be in house created certificates.  

Where will the apprenticeships take place?

The Apprenticeship program will take place both online and in person. The hope is that there will be a  group of 2 to 4 apprentices learning together.  Group programs work very well, as the experiential learning is broader.  

Some portions of the program, such as the Herbal Medicine chapter, can be done completely online through self paced studies.  Other portions, such as energetic bodywork, are best taught in person.  

In person sections will take place in Cherryfield, Maine.  

When will the program be available?

The plan is for the program to be opened in late Spring or early Summer of 2023.  This is subject to change and is dependent on enough interest (at least 2 apprentices are needed).  If there is not enough interest this year, the program will take place in the future.

How can I sign up for the program?

Since the program is still in the creation and design processes, sign up is not currently available.  However, if you are interested in participating in a formal apprenticeship, you can reach out by email to to express your interest and you will be put on a list.  

You can also revisit this page for updates, follow Sage Moon LLC on social media, subscribe to our mailing list, or become a site plan member here.

Keep an eye out for our crowdfunding campaigns as a way to support the apprenticeship program creation.  

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